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Buffalo Theory Brewing Co. has been a long and rewarding journey. We are excited to bring our passion for brewing to a tap room in Merritt Island FL. Creating a community for beer enthusiasts to gather together to enjoy and celebrate craft beer and each other. Brewing since 1992, perfecting recipes and sharing our creations with family and friends has pushed us forward in this venture.

Since 2012, Buffalo Theory Brewing Co. has been committed to producing authentic and unique beers that push the boundaries of regular brewing styles and categories. We’re proud to serve our customers with only the best, continually crafting each taste until it’s exactly right and to style.

Everyday, we’re driven by our core values: delivering quality flavors, honoring our customers and celebrating the culture of beer. Experience it for yourself by joining us for a brewery tour when we open our doors, a special event or just to try what’s on tap.


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